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How to win at roulette? Our simple and effective strategies

Although there is no miracle method, there are some strategies and tricks that will help you to put more chances on your side and have an advantage over other players. Here are the tips from our experts.

Strategy #1: Choose the winning roulette wheel

Before starting a game of roulette at an online casino and embarking on the adventure, all players must consider several criteria to choose the game that suits them. Our experts will tell you how to choose your winning roulette wheel:

According to its profitability: several variants exist, some of which have a better probability of winning. European and French roulette, for example, have a single zero, which increases your chances of winning compared to American roulette with two 0’s;

The way you play: It is important to test the different roulette wheels and variants at your casino to find out which roulette wheel you are most comfortable playing and on which one you feel most comfortable placing a bet and seeing the ball stop on the correct square.

Choosing the winning roulette wheel is the first step to winning at roulette, even if it doesn’t guarantee victory since this game is still a matter of chance, it is a very important basis to consider.

Strategy #2: How to win at roulette quickly and easily?

There is no miracle strategy for winning at casino roulette, because it is a real game of chance and no one can know in advance in which square the ball will stop.

Casinos are monitored and random draw RNG engines do not allow for advance calculation of what will happen.

Neither the player, the online casino, nor the dealer can know, so all games are protected.

In order to try to win at roulette you need to :

  • Follow the advice, tips and strategies of experts;
  • Test the various existing methods;
  • Find the roulette system that suits you and that works for you.

With the luck factor, some players will win money and euros much faster and easier than others. This is the beauty of roulette and its very random side.

Strategy #3: Which bet is the most winning at roulette?

There are no real bets that are more winning than others at roulette, but there are higher odds on certain types of bets.

You will have a much better chance of winning games at the online casino by placing your chips on certain types of double chance bets such as :

  • Red or Black (almost 1 in 2 odds);
  • Even or Odd (almost 1 in 2);
  • Pass/Fault (almost 1 in 2 odds).

It makes sense that these bets are much more winning than others in Roulette. You have a 48.60% chance of winning at European roulette, compared to a 2.70% chance of winning by betting your euros on numbers. This is surely the most used strategy, since you will win quite frequently.

Strategy #4: Using martingales

Even if several variations exist, the idea here is to bet always larger and larger amounts until you win. In this way, the sums spent would be covered – or even largely amortized – by the resulting win.

Concretely, here are the clear steps for using the martingale strategy:

  • Place your bet and your token on a bet that you will keep throughout the game;
  • If you lose, double the bet;
  • If you win, either keep the base bet or return to the base bet.

With this technique, you will be able to ensure that you win even if you lose a series of bets. However, it still contains limits.

Here are the limits of the martingale:

  • Casinos often have a maximum betting limit, which can block you in the event of a series of large losses;
  • You must have a large enough capital to apply this technique;
  • Casinos can close your account if you use martingale too often.

It is often said that this technique is reserved for the richest people, but it is still possible to start with a very small bet to build up your bankroll little by little. This is a strategy that is used very often in physical or online casinos, even if they are struggling against it.

Strategy #5: Roulette tips

Our experts wanted to end this article by giving you 8 concrete tips to play roulette and put all the chances of winning on your side. Here they are:

  • TIP 1: Don’t skip steps after winning
  • TIP 2: Leave your emotions out of losses
  • TIP 3: Set a budget
  • TIP 4: Use free roulette games
  • TIP 5: Change your strategy often enough
  • TIP 6: Set yourself a winning goal and a stop
  • TIP 7: A winning goal of 1/5 of your capital
  • TIP 8: Try a progressive jackpot once in a while

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