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How to win at roulette? Our simple and effective strategies

Although there is no miracle method, there are some strategies and tricks that will help you to put more chances on your side and have an advantage over other players. Here are the tips from our experts.

Strategy #1: Choose the winning roulette wheel

Before starting a game of roulette at an online casino and embarking on the adventure, all players must consider several criteria to choose the game that suits them. Our experts will tell you how to choose your winning roulette wheel:

According to its profitability: several variants exist, some of which have a better probability of winning. European and French roulette, for example, have a single zero, which increases your chances of winning compared to American roulette with two 0’s;

The way you play: It is important to test the different roulette wheels and variants at your casino to find out which roulette wheel you are most comfortable playing and on which one you feel most comfortable placing a bet and seeing the ball stop on the correct square.

Choosing the winning roulette wheel is the first step to winning at roulette, even if it doesn’t guarantee victory since this game is still a matter of chance, it is a very important basis to consider.

Strategy #2: How to win at roulette quickly and easily?

There is no miracle strategy for winning at casino roulette, because it is a real game of chance and no one can know in advance in which square the ball will stop.

Casinos are monitored and random draw RNG engines do not allow for advance calculation of what will happen.

Neither the player, the online casino, nor the dealer can know, so all games are protected.

In order to try to win at roulette you need to :

  • Follow the advice, tips and strategies of experts;
  • Test the various existing methods;
  • Find the roulette system that suits you and that works for you.

With the luck factor, some players will win money and euros much faster and easier than others. This is the beauty of roulette and its very random side.

Strategy #3: Which bet is the most winning at roulette?

There are no real bets that are more winning than others at roulette, but there are higher odds on certain types of bets.

You will have a much better chance of winning games at the online casino by placing your chips on certain types of double chance bets such as :

  • Red or Black (almost 1 in 2 odds);
  • Even or Odd (almost 1 in 2);
  • Pass/Fault (almost 1 in 2 odds).

It makes sense that these bets are much more winning than others in Roulette. You have a 48.60% chance of winning at European roulette, compared to a 2.70% chance of winning by betting your euros on numbers. This is surely the most used strategy, since you will win quite frequently.

Strategy #4: Using martingales

Even if several variations exist, the idea here is to bet always larger and larger amounts until you win. In this way, the sums spent would be covered – or even largely amortized – by the resulting win.

Concretely, here are the clear steps for using the martingale strategy:

  • Place your bet and your token on a bet that you will keep throughout the game;
  • If you lose, double the bet;
  • If you win, either keep the base bet or return to the base bet.

With this technique, you will be able to ensure that you win even if you lose a series of bets. However, it still contains limits.

Here are the limits of the martingale:

  • Casinos often have a maximum betting limit, which can block you in the event of a series of large losses;
  • You must have a large enough capital to apply this technique;
  • Casinos can close your account if you use martingale too often.

It is often said that this technique is reserved for the richest people, but it is still possible to start with a very small bet to build up your bankroll little by little. This is a strategy that is used very often in physical or online casinos, even if they are struggling against it.

Strategy #5: Roulette tips

Our experts wanted to end this article by giving you 8 concrete tips to play roulette and put all the chances of winning on your side. Here they are:

  • TIP 1: Don’t skip steps after winning
  • TIP 2: Leave your emotions out of losses
  • TIP 3: Set a budget
  • TIP 4: Use free roulette games
  • TIP 5: Change your strategy often enough
  • TIP 6: Set yourself a winning goal and a stop
  • TIP 7: A winning goal of 1/5 of your capital
  • TIP 8: Try a progressive jackpot once in a while
Casino Games

How to win at online casinos – the secrets of players

Now the online casino is on the rise. People are increasingly attracted by the ease of accessibility, variety of offers and convenience of the institution. They start to play all the time, trying to choose those places that make the most profitable and enticing offers.

Gamers are divided into two large categories – some just play slot machines for fun, and some decide to play for their own benefit. The second category of players have more difficult – they have to develop an effective strategy for the game, which would bring them success. Each case is different – for some efficient is one strategy for others – another tactic.

Learning to beat the casino

In order to win at online casinos, you should first try your hand at playing for free. The advantage of such a game scenario is that there is no need for the gambler to make a real deposit. Economical and prudent attitude towards your own bank – the key to successful gaming. Moreover, this statement is relevant not only to the process of playing the slot machines, but also to the game against the bookmaker. 

What is good about free casino games?

  • there is no need to make registration data;
  • there is no financial risk;
  • the opportunity to learn about all the settings of the slot machine;
  • fully enjoy games.

The ability to deposit virtual money at any time

Try to get used to playing a particular slot machine. If you know all of its rules thoroughly, it will increase the chances of obtaining valuable winnings.

Roulette online – the basis

Form your own strategy of playing “one-armed bandits” is quite difficult when there are not so many options to choose from. What can the gamer choose, running slot machines?

He adjusts the settings relating to:

  • the choice of the number of active lines;
  • the price of a coin;
  • bet size.

On this, perhaps, the settings of slot machines and limited. A lot more opportunities provide roulette online. Playing in it, the gamer himself can determine the payout ratio. It depends on the level of risk, which is ready to take the player. In classical roulette, we have in front of us a table with 36 sectors, as well as the zero.


You can bet according to your wishes. If you want – use one chip to put on one number, if you want – close the chips of different values the whole game table, almost reducing to zero the probability of total loss of the bet.

Payout ratio

Depending on this and will determine the payout ratio. There are many options for betting when playing roulette. Some players stick to a fairly effective Martingale system. Its essence is that the player increases the amount of bets after the next loss. The bet should be doubled, and the payout ratio should be at least two. For this purpose, it is suitable to bet, for example, on red or black, as well as on an even or odd number.


Golf betting. How and where to bet?

In this article, we will consider the main features of this sport for betting, learn what types of bets are most profitable and what the bettor should watch out for.

Golf features

Golf competitions are held outdoors on grassy courses with trees, changing terrain, and small lakes. The task of the golfer is to drive a club into the hole for as few strokes as possible. The playing field is divided into 18 zones with pockets. After scoring a ball player moves to the next one. Total 18 pockets. The winner is the one who spent fewer attempts to score balls in a pocket.

The most prestigious golf competitions are considered the Majors with 4 tournaments, including the U.S. Open and the British Open. Golf is also included in the programs of the Olympic Games. The men’s competition is much more predictable. Everyone knows the American golfer Tiger Woods, who many times won the Big Four tournaments (Masters).

Much less predictable are women’s golf tournaments. But also the odds of bookmakers on women’s competitions are higher.

Types of golf bets

Bookmaker offices accept the following golf bets:

  • On the winner of the competition;
  • Who is the best;
  • Total strokes;
  • On the place according to the results of the competition;
  • On the best participant according to the results of the competition.

In solid bookmakers’ offices the number of positions in the golf slates often exceeds 30. A few months before the start of the competition, the sites of the offices publish bets on the winners and places. Bettors can place a bet on the first place winner at the end of competitions, as well as indicate whether a participant of the tournament will be in the top three, five or ten.

The “Who’s higher” bets are very popular among the clients of betting shops. Here it is necessary to choose a pair from the offered variants in the draw and specify which of the participants will end up higher in a tournament or in a face-to-face meeting.

Some bookmakers take bets on the best golfer in a major competition from a particular country. Since golf is most popular in the United States, Britain, Spain and France, bets are taken on the best athletes from the above countries.

Betting on golf can also be done in the course of the competition, in play. To get a stable income in this case it is necessary to understand the specifics of tournaments and understand the form of the competitors. Some golfers are better in the United States, while others are better in Great Britain.

Golf betting nuances

Among the main features of golf betting we should mention the fact that most bookmakers put small margins on the 4 Masters tournaments. A good indicator is considered to be the earnings of the office not higher than 4% on golf.

At less prestigious tournaments the margin of bookmakers often exceeds 5-6%. But here it is easier to find the foolish offers, because the office is more often mistaken in quoting. To compensate for their failures in setting the odds, the bookies set higher margins.

Since in women’s competitions more often unexpected outcomes occur, many bettors bet by ordinaries on the possible winners. Profitable to bet six or seven singles with odds not lower than 10 on each. If at least one bet plays, the bettor will receive a good profit. The betting amount for each bet should be the same and not exceed 1% of the bank.

In golf, the strength of the wind on the day of play is of great importance. This factor negatively affects the accuracy of strokes. The difference in the class of athletes is leveled if there is a gusty wind. In such cases it is advantageous to bet on the lower ranked golfers at high odds in play.

Older athletes perform better even in windy conditions than younger opponents. This is where experience comes into play. It allows you to correctly calculate the strength of strokes in the wind.

In golf, the type of course is important. Some participants achieve better results on more flat surfaces, while others look better on steep courses. The country where the competition is held also matters. The results of the same athlete at different tournaments can vary dramatically. That is why it is extremely important to have statistics of golfers’ performances on particular tournaments for different years at your fingertips. So it is easier to predict their performances and make profitable deals.

What should be considered in golf betting?

Golfers have uncomfortable tournaments and uncomfortable opponents. There are pairs of athletes where, for some reason, only one celebrates victory on very many occasions. This situation is very typical. Therefore, it is very important to consider the statistics of personal meetings of opponents.

In the rain, the best performers are British athletes. This is the best weather for them. They feel much better than the other participants, which affects the final result. This nuance is a must in the golf betting.

Leading golfers at not very prestigious competitions may not perform at their best, showing 50% of their potential. In such cases, it is better to bet on the victory in the tournament of a more motivated average player.

Which golf betting strategies work best?

Among the financial strategies for golf, the methods of Oscar Grind, Dalamber, Fibonacci sequence are well-proven. If the bettor has a good understanding of the balance of power of opponents, in their level of motivation, then the flat and the strategy “2 out of 6” will suit him better. For more informed bettors can advise betting strategy Martingale.

For beginners, you can advise a flat. The size of the bet should not exceed 4% for odds up to 2 and no more than 2% for quotes close to 5.


Expresses – corridors in sports bettings

Against a backdrop of solid runs of 10-15 matches, it’s very frustrating, there’s no doubt about it. There are quite a few tricks designed to improve the efficiency of expresses, to make the chances of a full entry as high as possible. We covered this in a recent publication. But today, it’s time to look at another very ingenious way of upgrading the classic expresses. We will talk about how to cross the method of sports arbitrage, such as corridors with our expresses. This approach was tested in football, so the examples will come from the sport. But you can move your brain and adapt our experience to any other sport, in which you bet.

A short guide to the subject, for those who aren’t into it at all. A parlay is a type of betting where a number of outcomes from different matches are combined into a single structure. In doing so, the odds are multiplied. It means you can bet a relatively small amount of money, and win a tidy sum. That is why many beginners and not too sophisticated players fall for such bets. If you want the Parlay to win, you have to win every single event. If just one component fails, the entire Parlay will also fail.

Corridors are bets of the opposite direction, but with a gap. For example, the total match total is greater than 1.5, and the second bet on the total is less than 3.5. 

This is a corridor. 

  • If there will be 2 or 3 goals in the game, both bets will play. 
  • If 0-1 goals, the first will lose, but the second will win,
  • If 4 or more, then vice versa. 

And such examples can be given for total and individual totals, handicaps, some other markets from the betting line. Usually classic corridors are applied in so-called “fork” situations. But that is a separate, rather slippery topic these days. We’ll take the principle, but apply it to regular matches, so as not to run into penalties at the office.


A typical Pope’s Parlay is a set of 20 matches, with the events being approximately

  • 1Х;
  • Handicap (0);
  • Team to Score;
  • ITB(1);
  • TB(2);
  • TM(4).

There are the desperate ones who make their expresses from bets on clear wins, on ITB(1.5), total TB(2.5), both goals, but this is a complete cliché. If you compile a parlay of such risky conditions that turn out to be hidden jacks, the number of picks is limited, rarely more than 4-5. It is easier to donate money to a beggar than to collect 10-20 of these outcomes. Moral satisfaction would be higher than the amount of money donated to the “books”.

Usually the given outcomes are evaluated not too high quotations, as players try to choose the most confident betting conditions. Usually it is in the region of 1.20-1.50, very seldom up to 1.70-1.80, unless the bookmaker has underestimated some team or total. About 80% of them are in the 1.20-1.30 range.

So, one such parlay is assembled. Let’s say an average odds of 1.25, but for 20 events, the total is in the region of 86-87. Betting roubles 120 on such a betting it’s possible to win 10K. Not bad. The problem, as mentioned at the beginning, is that such mega-match matches are extremely rare. Because of too many of them one thing always crashes. And if a player uses all sorts of controversial outcomes, all the more so. But we suggest a method where not just one, but two expresses are made. Both of them have opposite outcomes and a corridor is formed.

For example, in one group we take a head start (0) for Team 1, and in the second group a head start(+2) for Team 2. Suppose we give 1.63 for a net win of the first team. Then a handicap with zero on them will be priced at about 1.25, and a handicap +2 on the opponent, about 1.21. 

Accordingly, if the second team wins, only the second part will be played. 

  • If the favourite wins by 3 goals or more, only the first team will play. With a draw there will be a return on the first, but a win on the second. 
  • If you win by exactly 2 goals, you win the first leg, but get a return on the second leg. 
  • And if the score difference is exactly 1 goal, both sides will play. 

Thus, we have a combination of three options for the difference in the score, which leaves our parlay afloat. Even if only one variant is winnable for both of them, the rest two can be returned, in such big parlays the survival factor is more important than trying to make profit and extra 0.5 for handicap or total that can easily get lost.

Or another example, with totals. In one group a bet on TB(1.5) for 1.24, and in the other one on “TM(4)” for 1.21. It turns out that the corridor is for 2.5 goals. In case of 2-3 goals both sides come in, in case of 4 goals we win on the first side, and get a return on the second one. You try to win a game by such variants, where you are sure of at least 2 goals, but you don’t see 5 goals either.

Of course this is not a panacea, nor is it a magic button that will allow you to make easy money. But against the background of guessing, which is similar to the usual big odds, there is much more room for manoeuvre. Especially when the prediction is up to par, there are usually only 1-2 upsetting matches. Those are very likely to be taken into the opposite hand and at least one of the two matches will be taken into the basket, which gives a very good return.


It is possible to further improve this method. The idea is to add some more smaller multi bets, which act as handicaps. Let’s say the average odds is 1.22. We get two big multi-folds, with totals around 53. We put 100 roubles each, so the total is 200 dollars.

From our 20 matches we collect 4 more expresses, 10 in each, also following the corridor principle. The average odds of each one will be about 7.30. For example, we would like to put 75 dollars on each of them. In total on all these 6 parlays we have drawn 500 dollars.

  • 4 * 75 + 2 * 100 = 500

If at least one “press” on 10 events will win, we will get:

  • 75 * 7.30 = 547.5

That is, we get what we want, and a little more on top as compensation for moral damage. But if we get into corridors in all 20 matches, total net winnings will exceed 12 000 dollars.

You can work with smaller expresses with the number of components with the similar methods, just calculate everything.


The method is very interesting and really works. Those who have already learned a lot about making big bets on football will appreciate it.

Profitable Slots

Modern slot machines with 3D graphics

3D slots – a relatively recent development of producers of gaming software. Innovative technology allows you to give machines three-dimensional characters and drawings. Characters moving on the screen, giving a realistic atmosphere of the game, which attracts the attention of players.

At the same time machines retain all the functional advantages. Most modern 3D slots are equipped with special characters and several types of prize options. Our website has one of the most extensive collections of 3D slot machines.

How to choose 3D slots

The unconventional design of the interface and drawings of the machine is the main feature of 3D slots. Their other characteristics allow you to pick models for every taste.

Manufacturers provide all sorts of machines, different basic parameters:

  • theme. The range of 3D slots include models of almost all popular genres. Users can choose from fruit, crime, fairy tale, other machines;
  • The number of lines. The lineup combines machines equipped with 9-243 lines;
  • Bonus options. Fans uncomplicated models will be able to pick up the machine with a classic round of freespins. Fans of intricate games easily find 3D slots with multiple types of prize options.
  • Most 3D slots do not require downloading and can easily be run through any browser. There are also versions designed to run from mobile gadgets.

How 3D Slots differ from regular slots

The first, and most important difference is the modern, realistic graphics. 3D games are more vivid, interesting and easy to operate. Due to the volumetric image during the gameplay creates the “presence effect” – the player is immersed in the ongoing, trying to delve deeper into the essence, as it feels part of the game. Usually such slots tighten, you always want to return to them.

Advantages of 3D slots

First, it is a unique three-dimensional graphics, which has already been mentioned. Secondly, in addition to high-quality and beautiful images, 3D games have both themed music. Much more enjoyable to play, if an interesting story with great pictures accompanied by appropriate audio. And thirdly, 3D slots are characterized by large numbers of payments, which is important for both beginners and professional gamers.

Ranking 3D slots

Despite their relatively recent appearance, 3D slots have managed to win numerous fans. Moreover, players share their opinions, leave comments in thematic forums and even make top ratings.

Guided by the reviews of visitors to the portal, we have compiled a list of the most popular 3D slots:

  • Frankenslot’s Monster – 20-line machine from Betsoft, developed based on the famous novel. Three types of service symbols, free spins, bonus tour – the basic prize features of the model;
  • SlotFather II – 3D slot from Betsoft with 243 paylines. Devoted to criminal themes machine is equipped with three service symbols. Prize options are presented in four versions;
  • A Night in Paris – 30-line 3D slot from Betsoft. The machine offers 2 types of prize options and gives winnings for custom combinations;
  • Neon Reels – iSoftBet model. The developers have “brought to life” not only the symbols, but also the reels. Service drawings are presented in four versions, the basic prize options – in two. In the full versions of the machine there is a chance of winning the jackpot;
  • Elements: The Awakening – 20-line slot from NetEnt. Among the prize features in the machine are the “Avalanche” feature and 4 types of free rounds with enhanced features.

Each slot is endowed with unique graphics. In the opinion of many players, these machines stand out clearly against conventional models.

Modern 3D slot creators

The undisputed leader in the production of 3D slots on today is the company Betsoft. She represents the most extensive collection of such devices. In most of the games developers use three-dimensional graphics in the design. The overall list of over fifty titles. Original machines helped the developer to become famous and quickly advance on the market.

  • Betsoft machines have high functional qualities. Most models offer several types of prize games. There are progressive machines.
  • In the collections of other well-known manufacturers 3D models are virtually absent. Only in some of the devices (NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech) present some elements of three-dimensional graphics.
  • However, the model range of 3D volume slots is constantly expanding. Already in 2017 several developers announced the launch of new models of this format.

The leader is traditionally Betsoft. The company has already presented 3 models at once at Ice Totally Gaming 2017. The appearance of the “fairy tale” machine with 3D elements in the design announced Play’n Go. Release of non-standard model from Endorphina is expected. And these facts testify to the further successful development of 3D technologies in the sphere of gambling.

Profitable Slots

Motorhead slot machine

Slot machines devoted to the legendary musicians is not uncommon in the world of virtual gambling. They have always attracted a lot of fans of different musical trends.

Slot machine Motorhead, developed by creative programmers NetEnt, dedicated to the popular band, which gave a big boost to the development of British rock music. Free online slot Motorhead has a creative theme and no less original design.

Free game on the Motorhead machine

The slot is designed in a rather gloomy style of rock music. In the background of the game interface, the dominant shades of black, white and gold, located recording studio, as if recently abandoned by the musicians.

Huge speakers, guitar leaning against them, controls, drum kit – it all evokes the nostalgia of good old rock, especially since the free slot machine Motorhead graphic quite realistic, and some characters are portraits of the band. Corresponding to the sound design of the slot machine emphasizes the overall impression, atmospherically conveying all the nuances of the chosen plot and thematic line manufacturers.

Motorhead slot machine has 5 dynamic reels, the total number of paylines, which are always fixed, reaches 76. The first thing that catches your eye is the creative design of the playing field: drums have a significant difference in size, counting different number of cells. The first pair of reels contains three playing positions; the next pair – 4 cells, the last reel contains 5 symbols. The game Motorhead begins with the user puts bets, gradation which is presented.

Motorhead bonus game

Slot machine Motorhead give a lot of bonus options: there are special symbols and the ability to activate the free rotation. The aim of the game is to form prize combinations of characters of the same type, placed from left to right, continuously. Among the symbol lineup of the machine is a portrait of the lead singer of the band, a belt plaque with a star, the traditional symbols of classic machines – the lucky clover with four petals, horseshoe, a bright seven and a golden bell. The wild symbol is the inscription “Ace of Spades”, which replaces the ordinary images.


The scatter is the symbol of rock musicians – Snaggletooth, falling out only on the middle reels. If you appear on these positions scatter-symbols trigger a series of free spins of 10 pieces. During the freespins active game option Mystery Reels, involving the random appearance of Wild and “secret” characters. It should be noted that any rotation in the main game mode can be the beginning of an interactive round.

Positions of the drums randomly take 5-15 bombs, which, after exploding, turn into the same symbols. There is also an option of “mystery” reels, involving the appearance of mystery symbols. Subsequently, these pictures are converted into identical images and are paid as a winning combination. Read more about the bonus game machine will help paytable with information about the coefficients, features symbols and additional games.


This slot machine will be a great gift for players who are fans of the creation of the legendary rock band. Motorhead slot contains symbols with special options, and the variety of bonus games is inspiring, as well as a quality music wave.


  • Manufacturer: NetEnt
  • Reels: 5
  • Number of lines: 76
  • Wild-symbol: Yes
  • Scatter symbol: Yes
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Max. multiplier: 150
  • Bet per line: 20/200
  • Volatility: Low

Squeeze: Secrets of Texas Hold’em

Winning poker can consist of more than just the basics. There are many special tricks which, if mastered, can make you into a player who makes a significant profit instead of a small profit.

One of these tricks is called a squeeze. The strength of the cards doesn’t matter much, but using a few concepts, combined with an understanding of your opponent’s game logic, can help you get the most out of each game.

Squeeze is essentially a bluff. It’s used when a loose player raises in the preflop and the other loose player calls. The “squeeze” itself is a large 3-bet that is used to knock the two players out of the pot.

Very often the loose-aggressive player opens wide, while the other player will also call in a large number of hands to get to the flop cheaply. In theory, neither opponent has a hand strong enough for a big 3-bet to call.

Keep an eye out for loose-aggressive players who like to rake on the preflop. Don’t overlook those who are passive or weak, preferring to call to see the flop for cheap.

Squeeze can be used in both cash games and tournaments, but is effective in big-bank games such as Pot-Limit Omaha or No Limit Hold’em. Limit games don’t allow you to make a big enough raise to make your opponent fold.

How to Squeeze properly

Squeeze is based on two important factors:

  • the opener’s face status.
  • the player who calls is aware of #1.

A scheme for a squeeze can be represented as follows:

  • Player 1 (Opener): Possesses loose status and a wide preflop raiser range.
  • Player 2 (Caller): Aware of Player 1’s losing status, he has a wide range of raises to call.

Your job will be to determine the correct ratio of a Loose Open-raise to a Loose Call, in order to achieve a high percentage of Fouls from your opponents.

There are other factors to consider when making a successful squeeze.

  • Large Raise: The squeeze must be heavy enough to make opponents discount medium strength hands. The minimum value of the squeeze should be five times your initial raid.

The fewer opponents behind you, the better for you. Ideally, there should be only a few. As the number of players increases, so does the likelihood that one of them has a strong hand. In addition to this, it is not unreasonable to make sure that these opponents are sufficiently tight without having the habit of easily colliding 3-bets.

The tighter you are, the less motivated your opponents will be to call your 3-bet, and your success at squeezing will be greatly influenced by your actions prior to squeezing and other players’ knowledge of you.

Tournament All-in Squeeze

MTTs can be considered the most popular place to squeeze, with all-in tournaments being the most commonly used. There are two main reasons for this. First, there is no postflop. The opponents can choose between two directions – to call or not to call, so there is not much effort to play in the post-flop. The second is the presence of extra fold equity. In the case where your opponent is calling on all available chips, he significantly reduces his range.

The basic MTT all-in squeeze moves are based on the same principle: a Loose Open Raiser and a Loose Call. There are a few other variables that must be considered. Equally important are the size of the stack – yours and your opponent’s – as well as the size of the blinds. You must have enough chips to force your opponents to fold, and if you’re talking about tournament poker, there’s another factor to consider: the blinds.

You have to look for situations where your stack will have 15 big blinds. With fewer chips, they simply won’t perform their function – opponents will have a great opportunity to call.

Practical Squeeze

To understand the above technique, watch a hand from the 2004 WSOP Main Event. A player with a tight image used the described squeeze positions to win a large pot of 6-2.


Strategies for playing in poker tournaments

The choice of poker tournament strategy directly determines the poker player’s place at the end of a particular online event. In this article, we’re going to talk about the most popular tournament strategies that can bring you good profits at different distances. Let’s Get Started!

Choosing the Best Strategy

When choosing a poker strategy for tournaments, the principle of guarantee fund distribution plays an essential role. Usually those players who only make it through the early stages of the game get no money, while those who make it to the later stages get the biggest prize pool. Therefore, in tournaments, you should think about your strategy in the most appropriate way.

For example, a passive style of play is often a good strategy to reach the prize rounds of a tournament, while aggressive play does not contribute to it. When developing your own strategy for tournament games, you must remember that it cannot be a one-size-fits-all strategy, as depending on the stage of the tournament, the style of play must change, otherwise the chances of winning will significantly decrease.

Strategic nuances for different stages of a tournament

  • Early stage. For the early stages of a tournament, the most appropriate strategy would be to save your chips and multiply them at the expense of less skilled players. Here, you should categorically not make big bluffs or risk your capital by making serious bets.
  • The middle stage. This part of the game should be used to the maximum extent possible to increase the stack. An aggressive preflop style that allows the player to win a larger number of hands without opening cards can be very fruitful. In the later stages, you should concentrate on knocking out the remaining weak players, thereby increasing your stack as much as possible. If you can make it at least average or even higher in size, the poker player will feel more relaxed and confident in the later stages of the game.
  • The Bubble Stage. At the bubble stage, the player needs to focus on increasing his stack on the eve of decisive games. For this, a bankroll strategy against participants with more modest stacks would be the best choice. At the same time, there is no need to confront opponents who have a larger stack. The main goal for you is to double your position by allowing players with larger stacks to participate with hands that are much weaker than the premium.
  • After the Bubble. Going into the post-bubble phase means that the player is one of the players who will share the prize pool, so the players start to play more quickly and actively. Thus, poker players with short hands do their best to increase them, participating in hands with a wide range of hands or going all-in. In this state of affairs, some simple mathematical calculations can help to determine the line of conduct.
  • Finals. The strategy on the final stage is different from the behavior on the previous stages of the event. As a rule, the further result will depend on the stack size of the opponents, their tactics, the prize fund structure and other aspects. Keeping to one strategy line will not work, as the poker player will have to constantly change his style of play depending on the events that take place.

Strategy in knockout games

Knockout or bounty events have become increasingly popular recently. The main purpose of such games is that the participant gets a part of the guarantee if he or she knocks out an opponent from the tournament. For poker players who prefer an aggressive style, such tournaments are to their liking because there is an opportunity to be rewarded before the prize stage of the tournament takes effect. Players like to take risks and be rewarded financially for those risks. Finding a universal strategy for such bounty tournaments will prove to be quite a challenge, because even poker pros use a standard line of behavior in knockout tournaments as well, for which they often pay the price.

Also in terms of poker tactics these tournaments are complicated by the fact that a participant needs to play in two directions: to lead a standard game for the prize pool and try to make as many knockouts as possible. Translating the bounty into chips will help the player choose a strategy for behavior, assessing the probability of winning. It is not always necessary to rely on intuition – mathematics will be just as useful in this situation.

Speaking about turbo-tournaments, this type of poker suits more experienced players, who have already mastered an aggressive style of play, can control their emotions and be guided solely by a cold mathematical calculation. But that is another story.

Preflop Strategy

The preflop is characterized by limited information, so it’s nearly impossible to predict the hand strength. A player should pay attention to his position at the table, his image and starting card, the number of players and their actions in the preflop. The number of players can help in determining whether one or more of them can make a strong combination. So the more opponents there are, the smaller the chances of determining it will be.

Table position is just as important a nuance as pocket cards. The most advantageous positions will be the long-range ones. The behavior of opponents allows an experienced player to change his game strategy, which is the essence of psychology in poker. The player’s image affects the behavior of his opponents; if you have the image of a tight player, you should not raise from the very beginning, but rather wait to lower your opponent’s alertness.

Bottom line

In order to achieve high results, a player must clearly understand all the peculiarities of tournament games. Considering all the weighty factors, he can develop a basic strategy, adjusting it to certain situations at the table. Remember that no one will give you ready-made poker strategies, as it is an individual thing. Also, you shouldn’t forget about education: educational articles, books, trainings, etc. – you should get acquainted with all of them, if you haven’t done that so far. We wish you success!