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Expresses – corridors in sports bettings

Against a backdrop of solid runs of 10-15 matches, it’s very frustrating, there’s no doubt about it. There are quite a few tricks designed to improve the efficiency of expresses, to make the chances of a full entry as high as possible. We covered this in a recent publication. But today, it’s time to look at another very ingenious way of upgrading the classic expresses. We will talk about how to cross the method of sports arbitrage, such as corridors with our expresses. This approach was tested in football, so the examples will come from the sport. But you can move your brain and adapt our experience to any other sport, in which you bet.

A short guide to the subject, for those who aren’t into it at all. A parlay is a type of betting where a number of outcomes from different matches are combined into a single structure. In doing so, the odds are multiplied. It means you can bet a relatively small amount of money, and win a tidy sum. That is why many beginners and not too sophisticated players fall for such bets. If you want the Parlay to win, you have to win every single event. If just one component fails, the entire Parlay will also fail.

Corridors are bets of the opposite direction, but with a gap. For example, the total match total is greater than 1.5, and the second bet on the total is less than 3.5. 

This is a corridor. 

  • If there will be 2 or 3 goals in the game, both bets will play. 
  • If 0-1 goals, the first will lose, but the second will win,
  • If 4 or more, then vice versa. 

And such examples can be given for total and individual totals, handicaps, some other markets from the betting line. Usually classic corridors are applied in so-called “fork” situations. But that is a separate, rather slippery topic these days. We’ll take the principle, but apply it to regular matches, so as not to run into penalties at the office.


A typical Pope’s Parlay is a set of 20 matches, with the events being approximately

  • 1Х;
  • Handicap (0);
  • Team to Score;
  • ITB(1);
  • TB(2);
  • TM(4).

There are the desperate ones who make their expresses from bets on clear wins, on ITB(1.5), total TB(2.5), both goals, but this is a complete cliché. If you compile a parlay of such risky conditions that turn out to be hidden jacks, the number of picks is limited, rarely more than 4-5. It is easier to donate money to a beggar than to collect 10-20 of these outcomes. Moral satisfaction would be higher than the amount of money donated to the “books”.

Usually the given outcomes are evaluated not too high quotations, as players try to choose the most confident betting conditions. Usually it is in the region of 1.20-1.50, very seldom up to 1.70-1.80, unless the bookmaker has underestimated some team or total. About 80% of them are in the 1.20-1.30 range.

So, one such parlay is assembled. Let’s say an average odds of 1.25, but for 20 events, the total is in the region of 86-87. Betting roubles 120 on such a betting it’s possible to win 10K. Not bad. The problem, as mentioned at the beginning, is that such mega-match matches are extremely rare. Because of too many of them one thing always crashes. And if a player uses all sorts of controversial outcomes, all the more so. But we suggest a method where not just one, but two expresses are made. Both of them have opposite outcomes and a corridor is formed.

For example, in one group we take a head start (0) for Team 1, and in the second group a head start(+2) for Team 2. Suppose we give 1.63 for a net win of the first team. Then a handicap with zero on them will be priced at about 1.25, and a handicap +2 on the opponent, about 1.21. 

Accordingly, if the second team wins, only the second part will be played. 

  • If the favourite wins by 3 goals or more, only the first team will play. With a draw there will be a return on the first, but a win on the second. 
  • If you win by exactly 2 goals, you win the first leg, but get a return on the second leg. 
  • And if the score difference is exactly 1 goal, both sides will play. 

Thus, we have a combination of three options for the difference in the score, which leaves our parlay afloat. Even if only one variant is winnable for both of them, the rest two can be returned, in such big parlays the survival factor is more important than trying to make profit and extra 0.5 for handicap or total that can easily get lost.

Or another example, with totals. In one group a bet on TB(1.5) for 1.24, and in the other one on “TM(4)” for 1.21. It turns out that the corridor is for 2.5 goals. In case of 2-3 goals both sides come in, in case of 4 goals we win on the first side, and get a return on the second one. You try to win a game by such variants, where you are sure of at least 2 goals, but you don’t see 5 goals either.

Of course this is not a panacea, nor is it a magic button that will allow you to make easy money. But against the background of guessing, which is similar to the usual big odds, there is much more room for manoeuvre. Especially when the prediction is up to par, there are usually only 1-2 upsetting matches. Those are very likely to be taken into the opposite hand and at least one of the two matches will be taken into the basket, which gives a very good return.


It is possible to further improve this method. The idea is to add some more smaller multi bets, which act as handicaps. Let’s say the average odds is 1.22. We get two big multi-folds, with totals around 53. We put 100 roubles each, so the total is 200 dollars.

From our 20 matches we collect 4 more expresses, 10 in each, also following the corridor principle. The average odds of each one will be about 7.30. For example, we would like to put 75 dollars on each of them. In total on all these 6 parlays we have drawn 500 dollars.

  • 4 * 75 + 2 * 100 = 500

If at least one “press” on 10 events will win, we will get:

  • 75 * 7.30 = 547.5

That is, we get what we want, and a little more on top as compensation for moral damage. But if we get into corridors in all 20 matches, total net winnings will exceed 12 000 dollars.

You can work with smaller expresses with the number of components with the similar methods, just calculate everything.


The method is very interesting and really works. Those who have already learned a lot about making big bets on football will appreciate it.

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