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Golf betting. How and where to bet?

In this article, we will consider the main features of this sport for betting, learn what types of bets are most profitable and what the bettor should watch out for.

Golf features

Golf competitions are held outdoors on grassy courses with trees, changing terrain, and small lakes. The task of the golfer is to drive a club into the hole for as few strokes as possible. The playing field is divided into 18 zones with pockets. After scoring a ball player moves to the next one. Total 18 pockets. The winner is the one who spent fewer attempts to score balls in a pocket.

The most prestigious golf competitions are considered the Majors with 4 tournaments, including the U.S. Open and the British Open. Golf is also included in the programs of the Olympic Games. The men’s competition is much more predictable. Everyone knows the American golfer Tiger Woods, who many times won the Big Four tournaments (Masters).

Much less predictable are women’s golf tournaments. But also the odds of bookmakers on women’s competitions are higher.

Types of golf bets

Bookmaker offices accept the following golf bets:

  • On the winner of the competition;
  • Who is the best;
  • Total strokes;
  • On the place according to the results of the competition;
  • On the best participant according to the results of the competition.

In solid bookmakers’ offices the number of positions in the golf slates often exceeds 30. A few months before the start of the competition, the sites of the offices publish bets on the winners and places. Bettors can place a bet on the first place winner at the end of competitions, as well as indicate whether a participant of the tournament will be in the top three, five or ten.

The “Who’s higher” bets are very popular among the clients of betting shops. Here it is necessary to choose a pair from the offered variants in the draw and specify which of the participants will end up higher in a tournament or in a face-to-face meeting.

Some bookmakers take bets on the best golfer in a major competition from a particular country. Since golf is most popular in the United States, Britain, Spain and France, bets are taken on the best athletes from the above countries.

Betting on golf can also be done in the course of the competition, in play. To get a stable income in this case it is necessary to understand the specifics of tournaments and understand the form of the competitors. Some golfers are better in the United States, while others are better in Great Britain.

Golf betting nuances

Among the main features of golf betting we should mention the fact that most bookmakers put small margins on the 4 Masters tournaments. A good indicator is considered to be the earnings of the office not higher than 4% on golf.

At less prestigious tournaments the margin of bookmakers often exceeds 5-6%. But here it is easier to find the foolish offers, because the office is more often mistaken in quoting. To compensate for their failures in setting the odds, the bookies set higher margins.

Since in women’s competitions more often unexpected outcomes occur, many bettors bet by ordinaries on the possible winners. Profitable to bet six or seven singles with odds not lower than 10 on each. If at least one bet plays, the bettor will receive a good profit. The betting amount for each bet should be the same and not exceed 1% of the bank.

In golf, the strength of the wind on the day of play is of great importance. This factor negatively affects the accuracy of strokes. The difference in the class of athletes is leveled if there is a gusty wind. In such cases it is advantageous to bet on the lower ranked golfers at high odds in play.

Older athletes perform better even in windy conditions than younger opponents. This is where experience comes into play. It allows you to correctly calculate the strength of strokes in the wind.

In golf, the type of course is important. Some participants achieve better results on more flat surfaces, while others look better on steep courses. The country where the competition is held also matters. The results of the same athlete at different tournaments can vary dramatically. That is why it is extremely important to have statistics of golfers’ performances on particular tournaments for different years at your fingertips. So it is easier to predict their performances and make profitable deals.

What should be considered in golf betting?

Golfers have uncomfortable tournaments and uncomfortable opponents. There are pairs of athletes where, for some reason, only one celebrates victory on very many occasions. This situation is very typical. Therefore, it is very important to consider the statistics of personal meetings of opponents.

In the rain, the best performers are British athletes. This is the best weather for them. They feel much better than the other participants, which affects the final result. This nuance is a must in the golf betting.

Leading golfers at not very prestigious competitions may not perform at their best, showing 50% of their potential. In such cases, it is better to bet on the victory in the tournament of a more motivated average player.

Which golf betting strategies work best?

Among the financial strategies for golf, the methods of Oscar Grind, Dalamber, Fibonacci sequence are well-proven. If the bettor has a good understanding of the balance of power of opponents, in their level of motivation, then the flat and the strategy “2 out of 6” will suit him better. For more informed bettors can advise betting strategy Martingale.

For beginners, you can advise a flat. The size of the bet should not exceed 4% for odds up to 2 and no more than 2% for quotes close to 5.

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